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Vox Vintage Coiled Cable

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Whether you're going for that classic '60s atmosphere (invoking the spirit of Jimi), convinced of the tonal advantages (as Stevie Ray Vaughan was), or you're simply looking for an excellent-sounding cable with a little give to it, you're going to love Vox's Vintage Coiled Cables. Available in a variety of colors, these cables offer you more than just a cool vibe: they deliver awesome sound quality, too. A unique, multi-gauge composition involving 99.99% pure, oxygen-free copper gives Vintage Coiled Cables both their coiled configuration and their highly musical qualities. Precision-machined, single-piece, gold-plated connectors last longer than the average instrument cable connector and provide maximum conductivity. Found on each Vox Vintage Coiled Cable, a pair of high-density shields keep your sound noise-free.



•29-1/2' coiled cable

•Multi-gauge conductors provide optimum performance at all sound frequencies

•Made of the finest grade 99.99% purity, oxygen-free, copper cable conductors, for superior sound

•2 separate shields provide maximum noise isolation

•Premium quality, abrasion resistant, high-temperature PVC jacket, for maximum durability

•Precision-machined, gold-plated connectors with 1-piece tip, for maximum conductivity